North Mercer Board of Education takes action on personnel

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The North Mercer R-3 Board of Education took action on personnel matters on May 11th.

A contract recension was accepted from Cassie Moore of Humeston, Iowa for seventh through 12th-grade Communication Arts.

Contracts were offered to a first-grade teacher and for seventh through 12th-grade Communication Arts. Names will be released later. A contract was offered to Sheila Ash to continue as a cook.

The board was notified that parent Zach Martin has sent four open records requests since the last meeting. Included were the topics of school consolidation with Princeton, health procedures, and school fundraising, specifically with girls’ basketball.

Martin was at the meeting to present his concerns with financial records, fundraising, Sunshine Law requests, and the superintendent.

Superintendent Dan Owens reports North Mercer will research expenditures in the girl’s basketball account per Martin’s request. Martin was directed to discuss an additional concern regarding the audit with the school auditor.

The board discussed a committee’s work on the early childhood project for daycare for zero to four-year-olds. The district has not committed any money, and it has not approved the project at this time. A budget is being created by the committee and will be presented in June.

Millemon Math Award winners were announced. There were 16 winners, and four were first-time winners. They will be paid $12.39.

The board discussed investments. A commitment was made to Farmers Bank at three different levels: a six-month certificate of deposit, a 12-month CD, and a money market account.