North Mercer Board of Education notified of health insurance rate increase

Mercer School District Website

The North Mercer R-3 Board of Education was notified Monday evening that health insurance rates will go up 19.9% in January.

The new rate will be $665.30 per month per employee. The district previously set a cap at $600 per employee for health insurance.

The board approved payment of $48.73 for each of 18 overall Millemon Math Award winners. Superintendent Dan Owens notes there were eight first-time winners. The Millemon Math Award as a quarterly contest involving a test and those with the highest scores receive money from a trust.

The candidate filing period was set for the Board of Education election in April. Candidates can file during school hours from December 17th to January 21st, except during Winter Break from December 19th at 12:30 to January 3rd. The three seats up for the election are Julie Graham, Peggy Johnson, and Justin Holt.

The board discussed students who move mid-year out of the North Mercer School District and how to charge tuition. Owens says it was decided to let any student finish out the school year and begin charging tuition the following year.

The board decided to not pursue the MoBeef for MoKids program at this time.