North Mercer Board of Education approves raises for superintendent, principal

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The North Mercer R-3 Board of Education, on February 14, voted to extend the contracts for the superintendent and principal by another year. Wade Hall and Aimee Huse will receive a 1.5% raise, bringing Hall’s salary to $86,275 and Huse’s to $68,005.

First Interstate Bank provided information on options for the school to accept payments by cards for the next school year using a program called Clover. There were two options the school could consider for accepting payments via debit and credit cards for concession stands, fundraisers, and lunch bills. The board and school requested more information on the topic.

The board agreed that the school will use First Interstate Bank for school credit cards moving forward.

North Mercer has a certificate of deposit at Farmer’s Bank that will mature on February 29. The plan is to transfer the funds from the CD into the school’s checking account while the district looks for new CDs. The board will decide at the next meeting where to invest the funds.

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