North Mercer Board of Education addresses Proposition C

North Mercer Board of Education accepts four resignations, adds baseball for 2017

The North Mercer Board of Education at its latest meeting this week discussed a Proposition C waiver campaign.

The primary discussion points were early work on a needs assessment and forming a committee. The board is to determine the ballot language and resolution during its December meeting. Voters in the North Mercer district are to decide in April whether to approve a Proposition C waiver. A simple majority is required for passage.

Proposition C requires a property tax rollback based on sales tax revenue received from the state. If North Mercer voters eliminate the rollback, it would mean about 52 cents on the $100 of assessed valuation that would not be reduced.

Superintendent Dan Owens, last month, said there are just 31 of the 518 school districts in Missouri which have not passed the waiver.

In other topics, the board agreed to have Jeff Landrum of Lineville, Iowa remove snow at $175 for each removal.

Resignations were accepted from salad bar attendant Deb Moore and paraprofessional Hayley Sample. A job offer was made for the salad bar attendant position with the name to be released after the person accepts the job offer. The district is seeking a paraprofessional to employ.

The board approved an audit for the past school year. Superintendent Owens said the district had a good operating year and is financially stable.

A payment of nearly $44 was approved for Millemon Math award winners which go to eleven students, two of which are first-time winners.

Those wishing to run for the North Mercer Board of Education in April can file at the school December 13th through January 17 during school hours. The office will be open until 5 o’clock in the afternoon on January 17th.

There are three board positions to fill in April.