North Central Missouri Fair officials announce results of Beef Show

Beef Show

Officials have announced the results of the Beef Show at the North Central Missouri Fair in Trenton.

Makenzie Epperson of Laredo exhibited the Champion bull, and Braxton Switzer of Bucklin showed the Reserve Champion bull.

Jenna Reeter of Trenton had the Supreme Champion female, and Vivie McGaugh of Carrollton showed the Reserve Champion female.

Thane Sloan of Cameron exhibited the Grand Champion market animal, and Justin Dixon of Trenton showed the Reserve Champion market animal.

Showmanship winners were Allena Allen of Trenton among entrants ages 15 and older, Cuttler Epperson from Laredo among those 11 to 14, and Nora Kate McGaugh of Carrollton among entrants ages eight to ten.

There were 73 entries in the Beef Show at the North Central Missouri Fair, which was a decline of 34 compared to 2020.