North Central Missouri College Upward Bound dual credit scholarship awarded

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Kellie Melton
Kellie Melton, from Hamilton

North Central Missouri College Foundation recently announced Kellie Melton, from Hamilton, MO, as the recipient of the Jack N. Young, Mildred M. Young, Noble J. Young, and Myra A. Young Upward Bound Dual Credit Scholarship. This scholarship of $324 will be used towards her dual credit tuition. Kellie, a junior at Penney High School and NCMC Upward Bound student, plans to pursue a degree in creative literature.

Upward Bound at NCMC is 100% funded by the U.S. Department of Education at a rate of $309,505.00 for the current year. Upward Bound assists high school students in preparation for successful college entrance by providing academic instruction and advisement, motivational and study skills, academic and cultural activities, and other support services necessary to give that extra “push” to those interested in completing a postsecondary education. Upward Bound at NCMC serves high school students from Chillicothe, Gallatin, Brookfield, Hamilton, Trenton, and Tri-County. 

To learn more about the NCMC Upward Bound program, contact Upward Bound Assistant Director Heather McCollum at 660-357-6338 or [email protected].  

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