North Central Missouri College Trustees meet with lengthy agenda

NCMC - North Central Missouri College
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Personnel and bids were topics for the board of trustees of North Central Missouri College Tuesday evening.

Trustees approved a recommendation of tenure for an instructor, Doctor Josie Baugher in her fifth year with the teacher education program. The Nursing instructor at Maryville, Sandra Wake, submitted a resignation. Hired as a cashier was Rocel Wright of Trenton and employed as a TRIO program assistant was Sarah Reeter of Chillicothe. A revised job description was accepted for director of advising and retention.

New salaries were accepted for nursing program instructors along with their placement on the salary schedule. It was noted a $400 additional fee is charged to fall semester nursing students to aid the increase in compensation.

The nursing education incentive grant award will be applied to cover the increase in salary and retirement expenses for faculty members completing at least one year of service. Nursing faculty with less than one year experience will be moved to the new salary schedule during the next contracted year.

Approval was given to purchase backup IT software for over $11,500. A Mitsubishi robot training system was purchased for $11,000 dollars for the NCMC industrial technology department.

North Central Trustees approved a revamped affiliation agreement with Hillyard Technical Center of St. Joseph for the dental hygiene curriculum, faculty, and student selection.

Approval was given to the Head Start continuation grant application and budget for fiscal year 2017 which reflects over $1,900,000 in federal funds; and more than $487,000 in non-federal resources. North Central would receive $110,000 as the Head Start fiscal agent.

Chief Financial Officer Tyson Otto reviewed a board policy change that accepts the Department of Labor definition for college employees exempt and non-exempt from the new federal overtime wage law. On another subject, Otto expects the Geyer Hall restoration project will finish a little under budget.

A report was given on employee tuition waivers at the college.

Director of Admissions Kristy Cross and Director of Advising and Retention Megan Pester gave reports on their duties.

College President Lenny Klaver discussed strategic planning noting 22 focus groups are working with the college cabinet to determine goals, then develop objectives and strategies. Doctor Klaver anticipates having a draft strategic plan for the trustees to review at a January board meeting.

December’s college board meeting was moved to the 20th.

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