North Central Missouri College to expand into Savannah with purchase of real estate

North Central Missouri College Website V2 (NCMC)

North Central Missouri College has concluded the purchase of property in Savannah.

The purchase was approved by the NCMC Board of Trustees at an executive session on October 27th but wasn’t finalized until the closing, which was held Monday, November 30th.

NCMC purchased real estate at 601 North Highway 71 in Savannah from Paul and Nancy Langemach. The college reports that the purchase price is $280,000, with most of the purchase price being funded by a grant.

Doctor Tristan Londre of the college administration has been the point of contact for advancing into the Savannah area.

While unanimous approval was given by the board of trustees a month ago, the Missouri Sunshine Law allows public entities to wait on releasing details upon execution of the lease, purchase, or sale of real estate.