North Central Missouri College Foreign Film Club to meet April 1

NCMC Film Club

North Central Missouri College’s Foreign Film Club will meet on April 1st at 6:30 p.m. on the NCMC campus in Cross Hall 208. The group will be viewing After Life, a 1998 film from Japan. All NCMC students, faculty, staff, and the public are invited to attend.

The Foreign Film Club is a monthly meeting of film fans and non-film fans, of anyone wanting to engage in dialogue or anyone wishing to have an enjoyable evening.  After the viewing, a discussion is held of the film: likes, dislikes, interpretations, and overall thoughts.  All viewpoints are encouraged and welcomed.

After Life:

If you could choose just one memory to relive for eternity, what would do choose?   A sight?  A sound?  A smell?  Could you even choose?  This is the question posed as the recently deceased visit a waystation between this world and the next, assisted by a diligent staff, ready to film a recreation of that memory before the dead make their final journey. 

To learn more about NCMC’s Foreign Film Club, visit or contact club sponsors Eric Christopherson or Nathan Vandevender at 660-359-3948.