North Central Missouri College Board of Trustees presented various reports, approve audit and purchases

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The North Central Missouri College Board of Trustees heard various reports the evening of December 22nd. Multiple reports involved information on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dean of Instruction Mitch Holder filled in for Vice President of Academic Affairs Doctor Tristan Londre. Holder reported students were appreciative of the on-campus experience during the fall semester. He is proud of NCMC and thanked employees for their work in making the semester a success, which he said was not easy.

He reported a service provided by the library involving texting a librarian for help was used 4,077 times during this fall semester. That is compared to being used nearly 798 times in the fall 2019 semester.

The college is preparing for the spring semester, which Holder said will include social distancing and cleaning. NCMC will work with the county on its mask order.

Vice President of Student Affairs Doctor Kristen Alley agreed that the fall semester went well. She said she had to make calls to students telling them they could not come to class, and sometimes there were tears.  She reported college is looking at its financial aid policy to prepare for an audit.  Fifty-eight students were suspended from financial aid. 

Klaver said he is proud of employees during this tough time with the pandemic. He thanked the board for its support.

Klaver reported on COVID-19 relief package federal funds. He said the amount going to campuses will be at least 50% more than in the CARES Act. Student grants will be at the same level as the first round. Klaver noted the formula is better for community colleges than under the CARES Act, and broader language for COVID-19 funds is retroactive for unspent CARES Act funds. The money will likely be used to offset enrollment declines.

NCMC’s final county COVID-19 Relief Fund requests were presented to Grundy County on December 16th. Klaver said Grundy County Presiding Commissioner Phillip Ray told him the college will receive full reimbursement as requested.

Klaver reported Governor Mike Parson announced $10 million for the A-Plus Program for Fiscal Year 2021, but Klaver does not know many details yet.

There is what he called a “serious” revenue shortfall predicted for 2021 estimated to be $419 million. He noted he met with State Senator Dan Hegeman on December 22nd, and Hegeman said the shortfall might not be that bad.

Klaver discussed 2021 appropriations. They include second chance Pell for incarcerated students. He hopes for expansion into Missouri, so the college can work with area prisons.

Enrollment for NCMC is down by 9% in headcount and .03% in credit hours when including high school students. When excluding high school students, the college is down 13% in headcount and 1% in credit hours.

Klaver noted some high schools left and came back for dual credit. Many of those schools were in far Northwest Missouri.

Alley added that some high schools now have dual credit through NCMC who did not before.

In construction news, Klaver reported grading work was done, and footings were poured for the building in Trenton last week. Winterization and Community Block Grant work have been done for the Savannah site.

Director of Development Alicia Endicott submitted a memo to the board. She reported the Geyer Hall Renovation Donor Wall was installed at the east entrance. The NCMC Foundation is funding the printing of Holiday Hoops All-Start Team t-shirts for student-athletes of the 2020 contracted teams. NCMC Distinguished Alumni nominations are due in the Foundation Office on January 8th.

The North Central Missouri College Board of Trustees approved a one-time salary payment for employees, an audit, and several purchases the evening of December 22nd.

Full-time employees who have been with the college since July 1st will receive a $500 one-time payment. Permanent part-time employees who have been with the college since July 1st will receive a $200 one-time payment. Other full-time and permanently part-time employees hired after July 1st will receive a prorated amount.

Chief Financial Officer Tyson Otto reported there were no recommended annual salary increases at the beginning of the fiscal year due to planned reductions of state appropriations of about $330,000 for the 2020-2021 year. However, Governor Mike Parson released 50% of the previous withhold in October. With those funds, he believed it would be reasonable to provide a one-time salary supplement.

Board President Diane Lowrey said she was glad NCMC could provide a salary supplement, but she wished it could be more.

Matt Wallace with KPM presented the Fiscal Year 2020 Annual Audit via video conference call. He reported the audit received an unmodified opinion and was clean. There were no material weaknesses or significant deficiencies.

The board approved the purchase of property/casualty/liability insurance through the Missouri United School Insurance Council for the 2021 calendar year for $176,991. Otto reported that is an increase of $7,774 on premium. Line rates are the same, but NCMC’s assessment is up due to changes in payroll and property values, including the addition of the Green Hills Head Start building and increased construction costs.

A service contract with Network Technology Partners was renewed at Informational Technology Services’ request. The cost of services to extend the contract for another year is $4,250 per month, which is the same price approved for coverage during 2020. The Computer Operations Budget will fund the purchase.

The board approved Nursing Program Directors Kelly Claycomb and Korynn Skipper’s recommendation to pay Assessment Technologies Institute for testing supplies for the Trenton Practical and Associate Degree in Nursing programs, online ADN program, Maryville PN and ADN programs, and Bethany PN program. The $129,850 total purchase will be made using budgeted funds to the nursing programs for testing supplies.

Several personnel matters were accepted or approved.

They included the retirements of Custodian Mike O’Neal and Board Secretary/Clerk Vicki Weaver, both effective December 31st. NCMC President Doctor Lenny Klaver presented a proclamation to Weaver recognizing her for her 36 years of service to NCMC. The proclamation was from Klaver and Lowrey.

Jamie Cunningham of Chillicothe was transferred from Admissions Recruiter to Admissions/International Student Representative with no change in salary, effective January 4th.

Emerita Melissa Cotton of Chillicothe was employed as an adjunct instructor for Business courses beginning in the spring.

Employments for Head Start were Tanda Abernathy as a cook at Milan, effective November 30th, Audra Lee as a health specialist, effective December 14th, and Kimberly Stallo as a teacher aide at Brookfield A as of November 23rd.

The board approved the college’s strategic plan for the next five years. Plan 2025 includes updated mission and vision statements, guiding principals, initiatives, goals, and goal outcomes.

The board also approved a non-federal share waiver for Preschool and Early Head Start for 2020-2021. Head Start Directors Janet Gott and Sue Ewigman reported the non-federal share for the 2020-2021 fiscal year was $580,130. They will ask for a waiver of about half of that amount. The total amount will depend on the total in-kind amount, which will include December. The directors said the need to request a waiver correlates with a decrease in volunteer hours due to the COVID-19 shutdown and restrictions upon reopening.

Gott reported all Green Hills Head Start centers are open, except for Bethany. She said staff has done well following COVID-19 guidelines. Classrooms are now closed until January 4th.

After an executive session, the North Central Missouri College Board of Trustees voted to revise the job description of Chief of Staff Kristi Harris to add Board of Trustees Clerk duties. She will be awarded a monthly stipend of $750 for the additional duties effective January 1st.

Board Clerk Vicki Weaver reports this action will be revisited before employment contracts are offered for Fiscal Year 2022.

Weaver will retire from her position on December 31st.