North Central Missouri College Board of Trustees invest in cutting-edge birthing simulator for Savannah skills Lab

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The North Central Missouri College Board of Trustees approved purchases May 23rd.

A three-year contract was approved with Ellucian for student information, the payment of Ellucian’s software, and support fees. The cost of the software and support is $63,527. The Computer Operations Budget will fund the purchase.

Chief Information Officer Jennifer Triplett noted Ellucian provides NCMC with the PowerCampus student information system and PowerFaids financial aid system. The company is the sole source provider of the software and services.

The board approved the purchase of an AvBirth with fetal heart monitoring wearable birthing simulator at a total cost of $64,100. It is a sole source bid, and the purchase will be funded by the capital campaign to equip the Savannah skills lab. The purchase will include the simulator, required equipment and supplies, a two-year protection plan, and Avkin information technology support.

The board waived the first reading of an update to Board Policy Manuel Section 3.11 and approved the changes. The section details NCMC’s Electronic Information Systems Acceptable Use Policy.

Triplett said the recommendations came from experts and involved network security and updating names. She noted most of the policy changes involved updates and clarification.

Items were approved as surplus property and will be disposed of in accordance with NCMC Board Policy. The items included numerous IT Services items, such as monitors, desktop and laptop computers, printers, and projectors.

Fourteen rolling tablet armchairs were also declared as surplus property. The chairs are currently at the North Belt Center.

Resignations were accepted for Nursing Faculty and Program Coordinator Ashley Lamma and Trenton Practical Nursing Program Coordinator Jaime Pittman. Lamma and Pittman were then approved as adjunct instructors for nursing starting in the fall.

Green Hills Head Start personnel matters were also approved, including the resignation of Regena Renshaw as nutrition specialist. The transfer was then approved of Susan Ellis from Trenton teacher to nutrition specialist.

The NCMC Board of Trustees approved the addition of Juneteenth as an official holiday for Green Hills Head Start. The holiday will be added to Head Start’s calendars.

The North Central Missouri College Board of Trustees May 23rd heard updates on work at the Savannah Campus.

Vice President of Academic Affairs Doctor Tristan Londre reported NCMC is working on moving academic programs from the North Belt Center of Country Club and from Maryville to Savannah for the fall.

Some furniture has been moved from the North Belt Center to Savannah, and some has been moved to Trenton. Surgical and radiologic technology supplies and equipment will be moved from Hillyard Technical Center of Saint Joseph to Savannah in about the next month.

Chief Information Officer Jennifer Triplett gave an update on Information Technology Services work at Savannah. She reported Phase 2 equipment was taken from the main campus in Trenton to Savannah. Multiple NCMC departments were involved as well as outside partners.

Triplett said the telecommunications subcontractor is testing and labeling network cabling across Phase 2 locations.

The first classroom technology installation visit took place. NCMC’s classroom technology partner is to return in June and July to continue the installation effort.

Triplett reported the Savannah Campus has 23 collaboration areas, and most are in Phase 2. Most of them are in the process of being installed.

Triplett also discussed cybersecurity work because of recently expanded regulations and new cybersecurity insurance controls. The regulations require an annual report to the board of trustees about the state of information technology for NCMC.

She said IT Services has worked to review and improve various components of NCMC’s cybersecurity strategy.

IT Services partnered with the Missouri Research and Education Network this month to perform a cybersecurity risk assessment. The assessment reviewed 12 areas, and NCMC received an overall posture score of excellent.

Triplett noted there will always be work to do when it comes to cybersecurity, but the college is on the right track.

Vice President of Student Affairs Doctor Kristen Alley reported recent feedback from students was positive overall. She provided some student comments to board members.

Alley reported 87 students were suspended by financial aid this year. That is an increase of 15 from the previous year.

She commented it is a busy time for the residence halls. There are multiple events planned on the main campus this summer, including Upward Bound.

Vice President of Academic Affairs Londre noted 42 Upward Bound students will be on the main campus this summer. The Upward Bound students will move into the dorms the evening of May 29th.

Londre reported openings have been posted for a Precision Agronomy teacher for Trenton, two nursing faculty members for Trenton, and a Health Science administrative assistant for Savannah.

President Doctor Lenny Klaver said he thinks the two commencement ceremonies May 6th went smoothly. He thought the speakers gave addresses that were meaningful for the students.

Klaver commented that the day of commencement is what makes him feel like what the college is doing is worth it.

He thinks NCMC had a good academic year overall.

He reported there are 300 more applications for the fall compared to last year at this time. He believes the Savannah Campus will be a popular place, and it is cheaper than the two universities in that area.

Klaver discussed the mayor’s breakfast May 16th. He thinks there was good discussion about having key groups work together to promote Trenton. He said the main thing was the quality of life.

Demolition is underway for renovating the Alexander Hall parking lot in Trenton. Klaver noted demolition started on the Open Door Church in Trenton and the building next to it May 23rd. Other demolition projects are expected to continue through June and maybe July.

Klaver gave a state legislative update. He reported the 2024 budget has gone to the governor, and it is the largest in the state’s history at $50 billion.

The budget includes a seven percent core increase for community colleges and A+ funding staying intact. He noted the capital budget was approved as requested by the Missouri Community College Association per individual community college projects.

Klaver believes most of the budget will stay intact. However, the governor may veto some items.

Klaver commended State Senate Majority Floor Leader Cindy O’Laughlin of Shelbina for her leadership skills. He thinks O’Laughlin did a good job and stood her ground.

Green Hills Head Start Director Janet Gott reported facilities are being shut down for the school year. Employees visited Head Start centers in Saint Joseph, Cameron, and Kirksville.

Green Hills Head Start is preparing the Chillicothe and Unionville centers for an Early Head Start conversion. Gott noted that means making necessary changes to meet licensing requirements for Early Head Start in center base.

She presented part of the Green Hills Head Start Self-Assessment that included three goals. She noted she and Head Start Director Sue Ewigman will finish discussion of the self-assessment and plan to have it voted on next month.

Toward the start of May 23rd’s NCMC Board of Trustees meeting, Chief of Staff Kristi Harris introduced new employee Jeffrey Grider. Grider is a custodian at the Savannah Campus. He talked about the work he is doing to prepare for Phase 2 there.

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