North Central Missouri College Board of Trustees deal with busy agenda at Tuesday meeting

NCMC - North Central Missouri College

The North Central Missouri College Board of Trustees approved purchasing a tractor and fitness equipment as well as renovation costs at its meeting Tuesday evening.

Agriculture Instructor Rustin Jumps recommended the purchase of the new John Deere tractor to be added to the fleet at the Barton Farm Campus. It was purchased from Sydenstricker Implement Company of Chillicothe for $57,866.95 through state contract pricing. Funding was available through the 2017-2018 Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Career Education FV-4 50/50 equipment grant and operational funds.

The new fitness equipment for the Ketcham Community Center was purchased from 2nd Wind Exercise of Columbia. Ketcham Community Center Facilities Manager Nathan Gamet said the equipment cost $32,542, but the trade in value of the current equipment was deducted leaving the cost at $28.992.

He explained the fitness equipment line from the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 budgets of $5,000 each ($10,000 total) and the 2017-2018 advertising budget excess of $5,450 will go towards the payment of the equipment, leaving the remaining balance to be paid in 2018-2019 at $13,542.

Gamet noted the projected excess advertising income for 2018-2019 is $13,900. He said the fitness equipment includes 10 strength machines to replace 15.

The board approved the final billing on renovations for the North Belt Center in Country Club. The total billings remaining after the building’s owner’s portion and previously paid billings was $20,526.25.

The board approved employment of several adjunct instructors for the North Belt Center. Those included Nicole Firth-Lynch for Psychology, Abigail Mark for English, Ann McClintick for Behavioral Health, and Tausha Taylor for Psychology and Behavioral Health. Firth-Lynch is from Gallatin. Mark, McClintick, and Taylor are from Saint Joseph. The board also hired Tobi Crippen of Savannah as North Belt Center Site Assistant at a rate of $13.96 per hour.

NCMC President Lenny Klaver said a ribbon cutting for the North Belt Center will be held next Tuesday, March 6, 2018, at Noon.

The board of trustees approved Brooke McAtee of Trenton as an adjunct instructor for Nursing and Health Sciences. Also approved was the hiring of John Wilbur of Spickard as Trio Academic Advisor with an annual salary of $26,000 with an 11-month contract.

Tenures for Doctor Beth Caldarello and Annette Pool were approved. Vice President of Academic Affairs Tristan Londre noted requirements for tenure include course assessment activities, compliance with NCMC policies, and a recommendation from a faculty member.

The board approved President Klaver’s recommendation of the implementation of a four-day work week for faculty and staff from May 7th to August 9th and for faculty and staff to dress in casual attire. Klaver said office hours for NCMC for the public will be Monday through Thursday from 8 o’clock in the morning to 4:30 in the afternoon noting the Ketcham Community Center will remain on their standard summer hours of operation. Klaver said surveys and feedback determined a four-day work week and casual attire is cost-efficient, boosts employee morale, and increases productivity.

The board approved adding an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Policy to its Board Policy Manual. The policy complies with federal and state laws. The board also approved the Green Hills Head Start Policy Council Bylaws for 2018-2019. Head Start Director Doctor Beverly Hooker said there were no changes made from the 2017-2018 version.

Hooker shared monthly and annual reports with the board and she also noted that Head Start students are required to have a dental exam before enrollment. A follow up is due one year after the initial exam, but Hooker said setting up the follow-up falls on parents.

Associate Vice President for Business and Finance Tyson Otto presented the 2018-2019 budget projection. The projection includes revenue of tuition and fees of $7,010,400 as well as local tax and other income for total operating revenue of $10,377,169. Projected revenues also include auxiliary operations for total consolidated income of $12,718,819.

The budget projection includes expenditures of salaries at $5,204,605 and fringe benefits of $1,522,508 as well as other expenditures for total operating expenditures of $10,549,611. Projected expenditures also include auxiliary operations for total consolidated expenditures of $12,980,597. Otto said this would leave a consolidated deficit of $261,778 noting the model is based on 1% growth. Board Vice President Don Dalrymple asked if the increase in adjunct and overload salaries this year covered nursing clinicals. Otto said that it did not. Dalrymple noted the nursing clinicals had not received an increase for many years.

Associate Vice President for Student Affairs Doctor Kristen Alley reported financial aid can only be given for courses required for a student’s degree. She said any other courses have to be paid for by the student.

President Doctor Klaver reported enrollment projections for NCMC compared to a year ago are up. He said applications for this summer are up 22%, and fall applications are up five percent.

Klaver reported NCMC is meeting all the criteria for state performance standards. He noted $246,698 of withholding in the state budget should come back to the core. The college would still be about $30,000 less funded than this year under the governor’s proposed budget. He said the legislature continues to work on their own versions of the budget.

Klaver has been working with Director of Development Alicia Endicott in meeting with Foundation Board members and donors. He reported the Voyage Fund Initial Drive of unrestricted funds has yielded about $33,000 since the end of 2017.

Klaver was recently elected onto the National Junior College Athletic Association Presidents Commission. He ran unopposed and will attend the National Conference in Colorado Springs in April. He, Vice President of Academic Affairs Doctor Londre, Director of Library Services Doctor Beth Caldarello, and Institutional Research Analyst Tara Noah will attend the Higher Learning Commission Conference in Chicago in April.

Klaver reported he and Londre called Saint Joseph School District administration Friday to talk about taking over the adult programs at the Hillyard Technical Center in Saint Joseph. He said he will meet with Metropolitan Community College Chancellor Doctor Kimberly Beatty in Jefferson City next week as well as Metropolitan Community College, the Saint Joseph School District, and the Saint Joseph Chamber of Commerce in April.

Klaver said admissions has been surveying guidance counselors at regional high schools regarding interest in curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular activities. He noted curricular programs he is considering include the new programs at the North Belt Center, Pre-Sport Management, two tracks for Digital Media, Ag Technology areas for enhancing livestock and crop production, Public Works/Rural Communities Development, and Administrative Services. Co-curricular activities Klaver is considering include music and drama.

Extracurricular activities could include athletics such as men’s and women’s cross country running and track, men’s and women’s soccer, women’s volleyball, men’s and women’s bowling, and a cheer squad.

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