North Central Missouri Business Facilitation assists area businesses with development

North Central Missouri Business Facilitation

North Central Missouri Business Facilitation aids area businesses with development.

Facilitator Stephanie Williams explains that the organization is made up of a group of individuals from Caldwell, Clinton, Daviess, DeKalb, Grundy, and Harrison counties. She says its mission is to assist small business owners and entrepreneurs, obtain the information they need, and help them move on the path to success. She notes this includes grand openings and business celebrations for new and established businesses.

All of the work the organization does is free and confidential and Williams reports the North Central Missouri Business Facilitation has worked with more than 110 clients within the six counties it serves and the region. She personally has had more than 1,000 introductions to individuals in the region.

Williams says that the organization has asked the various counties to be a sponsor or contribute since it does work with local economic development. The group also receives donations, grants, and contributions from individuals and foundations.

Williams can be contacted for more information at 816-617-6144.