North 65 Center of Trenton to reopen

North 65 Center

The North 65 Center of Trenton will reopen for congregate meals only next week. Regular serving hours will be 11 o’clock to 12:30 beginning June 1st.

There will be a maximum of 60 clients allowed inside, and social distancing will be practiced. The number of clients will be monitored, and if necessary, persons will be divided into shifts of 11 o’clock to 11:40 and 11:50 to 12:30 to not go over capacity. Tables will be sanitized between shifts.

Clients will be asked if they feel well at the door of the North 65 Center. They will also be given sanitizing wipes to use before entering the main facility.

A volunteer or staff member will prepare iced tea or water. Clients will pick up drinks and their meal trays observing areas marked on the floor for social distancing.

The serving area will have a plexiglass barrier to help provide extra protection for employees and clients. Staff will also wear masks when clients are in the center.

Single-serve items will be provided with meals, including salt, pepper, sugar, creamer packets, and margarine. Condiments will be served at the client’s request, including ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, and salad dressing.

The North 65 Center will use its current table service and its dishwasher as normal. Daily sanitation procedures will continue as well as checking staff for health.

Home deliveries will continue uninterrupted on their normal schedule Monday through Friday. Grab and go meals will be discontinued at this time.

Administrator Karen Otto says with the increase in prices the center is experiencing, the new suggested meal contribution will be $5.

Questions may be directed to the North 65 Center at 359-3058.