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Several political entities which have elections in Grundy County when they have races, do not have elections April 5th, because the number of candidates equal the number of positions to be filled in April.

In those cases, the candidates assume the responsibilities of the positions they sought.

They include:

Diane Lowery and Chris Hoffman for six years on the North Central Missouri College Board of Trustees.

Bev Hooker, Brooke McAtee, and Ann Constant for four years on the Grundy County Health Department board of directors.

Carol Holloway for a two year term as Laredo Mayor.

Helen Golden and Bruce McFie for two years as Laredo Aldermen.

Sheila Thompson and Kristi Urich for three years on the Laredo Board of Education.

Kevin Eckert for six years on the Laredo Fire Protection District board of directors.

Danny Wescott and David Meservey for three years on the Pleasant View R-6 Board of Education.

Nancy Anderson and Jesse Richmond for three years on the Spickard school district Board of Education.

Jesse Richmond for three years on the Spickard special road district board of directors.

Donn Marrs and Lewis Griffin for six years on the Spickard Fire Protection district board of directors.

Kelly Neeley and Jennifer Simons for three years on the Jamesport Tri-County board of education.

Sharmyn Garcia and Matt Miller for three years on the Newtown-Harris board of education.

Gary Whorton from sub district one of the Grundy County public water supply district board of directors. A position on that same board from sub district five is to be filled pursuant to the water district’s bylaws.

All of those persons have qualified for those positions without an election being held at the polls April 5th.

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