Newtown-Harris R-3 School District awarded grants for safety improvements and air rifle program

School Safety Grant News Graphic
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The Newtown-Harris R-3 School District has been awarded a $50,000 School Safety Grant for the fiscal year 2024. The funds from this grant will be utilized to enhance the security infrastructure of the district’s elementary and high schools. Additionally, the district has secured a $1,500 grant to establish a Missouri School Air Rifle Program for students.

Superintendent Dr. Matt Copeland revealed that the School Safety Grant would fund the installation of a secure remote access door entry system at both the elementary and high schools. The elementary school will also receive a new door and front entryway. Additionally, the grant will cover the costs for improved security cameras and safety windows, targeting the buildings’ most vulnerable access points. The district is eager to commence these safety projects, with the most challenging installations slated for the beginning of the summer school session.

The newly introduced Missouri School Air Rifle Program will cater to students from fourth to 12th grade. It’s an initiative designed to teach them marksmanship, discipline, and teamwork, and boost their confidence. The program draws inspiration from the National Archery in the Schools Program.

Newtown-Harris’s air rifle initiative will be guided by instructors Cari Bundridge and Kera Lewis. Having recently completed their instructor training, both educators are ready to begin shooting activities as soon as the grant-funded supplies arrive. The district anticipates full student participation by mid-October.

In a forward-looking statement, Copeland mentioned that Newtown-Harris aspires to cultivate marksmen capable of competing both within and outside the district. With an ambition to host tournaments, the district also seeks to introduce this sport to other schools in the HDC conference and neighboring institutions.

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