Newtown-Harris Board of Education to deliberate senior trip and prom plans

Newtown-Harris School Website

The Newtown-Harris R-3 Board of Education will consider a senior trip request, senior dates, and a prom date on November 8th. The board will convene in the high school Family and Consumer Sciences room at 7 p.m.

The agenda also encompasses staff communications from Josie Hinkle and Susanne Crawford, along with updates on the bus situation, the Clean School Bus Grant for an electric bus, the freezer project, the School Safety Grant, the Missouri School Air Rifle Program, the Comprehensive School Improvement Plan, and legislative matters. Discussions will include school board election dates, a Veterans Day celebration, forthcoming music and band events, and a community survey.

An executive session is scheduled for the Newtown-Harris Board of Education meeting on November 8th to address personnel and student issues.