Newtown-Harris Board of Education discusses parent-teacher conferences, changes to staff sick day policy

Newtown-Harris School Website

The Newtown-Harris R-3 Board of Education discussed various matters at its meeting Monday, October 12th.

One topic was options for parent-teacher conferences. The district will keep normal procedures, given low grouping in the high school in already existing procedures and scheduling meetings in the elementary school.

The board discussed implementation issues with the new virtual class provider. A meeting was to be held with the provider Tuesday, October 13th.

Newtown-Harris will continue to strongly encourage distancing and mask-wearing at home athletic events.

Other topics discussed included options for repairing the elementary roof, changes to the staff sick days policy, alternatives for Veterans Day that would keep veterans safe, options for Halloween parties to ensure the safety of staff and students, a COVID-19 funding update, and required board training.