Newtown-Harris Board of Education accepts resignation of Principal Amy Carlson

Newtown-Harris School Website

At an executive session of the Newtown-Harris Board of Education, members accepted the resignation of school Principal Amy Carlson. Approval was given to hire Coley Hanes as a social studies teacher.

The board accepted a bid to replace several doors in the school, with the bid for approximately $45,000 from Custom Glass of Chillicothe.

The number of sick days that Newtown-Harris staff can accumulate was raised by ten to a total of 60.

Several agenda items have been tabled and will be discussed further at a budget meeting on June 28. These include salary increases for classified and certified personnel, repair and/or replacement of the elementary roof, as well as bids involving diesel, propane, and dairy. It was noted with Newtown-Harris receiving Esser Two funds; the primary expenditures could go toward salaries, doors, and the elementary roof project.

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