Newtown-Harris Board of Education accepts contracts for Superintendent and Principal

Newtown-Harris School Website

The Newtown-Harris R-3 Board of Education has accepted contracts for a Superintendent and a Principal for next school year.

The contract for Superintendent came from Lucas McKinnis and the contract for kindergarten through 12th-grade principal came from Amy Carlson. Bookkeeper Amanda Neff says McKinnis is coming from Bernie High School and Carlson is coming from West Liberty Elementary School in Iowa.

This position will be Carlson’s first assignment as Principal and the salaries for McKinnis and Carlson have not been announced.

The Newtown-Harris Board of Education approved bids for propane and diesel/fuel for next school year. Both bids came from MFA. The propane bid was for $1.149 per gallon, unleaded gasoline is $1.865, and diesel bid was $2.055.

The 2018-2019 budget actuals were reviewed. The board set a 2019-2020 budget workshop meeting for the evening of June 25th at 6 o’clock.

The sports coop with Grundy County R-5 for next school year was reviewed. Neff says the coop was previously approved, and the board looked over contracts.