New signs installed at brush dump in Trenton

New Brush Dump Signs at Brush Dump in Trenton
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Three new signs have been posted at the city of Trenton brush dump which is along Northwest 27th Street and west of the shooting range in the northern part of Trenton.

The signs remind the public of the rules for using the location in an effort to deter the dumping of unaccepted items.

One sign states brush disposal is allowed for Trenton residents between 7 am and 2:30 pm on a Monday through Friday basis. Holidays are excluded. Another sign specifies that yard waste, such as grass clipping and leaves, are not accepted. Brush is described as small tree limbs and branches that can be chipped. A third sign says there’s no dumping by contractors and out-of-town residents.

There’s a gate at the entrance to the brush dump which a Trenton Street Department worker unlocks in the morning and locks in the afternoon. For more information on what can be hauled to the brush dump, call the Trenton Street Department at 660 359 6323. That phone number also is posted on one of the signs.

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