New hires approved by Trenton City Council at Monday meeting

City of Trenton website updated June 2023
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Two individuals have been hired as city employees following an executive session Monday night involving the city council.

The seven council members present voted unanimously to accept the mayor’s recommendation and hired Anita Ewing of Trenton for a new position as assistant city clerk. Current City Clerk Cindy Simpson plans to retire next year, prompting city officials to seek someone who could work alongside Simpson to learn the duties of the office.

Following the approval of an amendment to the city personnel manual, the council met in an executive session to hire Brice Gibler as a part-time firefighter. This vote was also unanimous. The council issued a personnel waiver regarding hiring an immediate family member, who cannot work in the same department as another family member who supervises them.

The council’s actions reflect a commitment to ensuring a smooth transition in the city clerk’s office and addressing personnel needs in the fire department.

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