Near double-digit August rains above average, but not unusual, for Trenton

Although the current total (as of 1:30 PM Monday) of 9.80 inches of August rain for Trenton is well above average, it does not represent an unusual amount.  The average August rainfall for Trenton, since 1970, has been 4.44.  However, since 2001, August rainfall in the city has been considerably above that amount six times.  In addition to the still growing total in 2016, there was 10.37 inches in 2004, 9.11 in 2009, 7.92 in 2006, 7.57 in 2014, and 7.22 inches of rain in August 2002.

In all, rainfall in August for Trenton, since 2001, has been above average eight times and below average in seven of those years.  The driest August was in 2013, when just 0.04 inches of rain was noted.  The second driest over the past 15 years occurred in 2010, with 1.23 inches.  In August 2012, just 1.85 inches of rain fell in Trenton.

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