NCMC students participate in Reality Enrichment And Life Lessons simulation

NCMC - North Central Missouri College

Students at North Central Missouri College participated in a REALL (Reality Enrichment And Life Lessons) simulation at the Ketcham Community Center on the NCMC campus November 19. The REALL simulation is organized and facilitated by the Community Action Partnership of North Central Missouri. 

The simulation models what life of a person living in poverty is experiencing to give students an understanding of what some people may be working through on a daily basis. During the simulation, students report to work, take children to daycare, pay bills, face challenges, and survive during a month of poverty. 

“The REALL simulation provided students with an opportunity to experience real-life situations an individual in poverty may be going through,” said Jenna Vandel, NCMC Criminal Justice Instructor. Students learned about community support and how they may assist someone facing hardships.”

Several members of the community and NCMC staff volunteered for the simulation that CAPNCM would like to thank everyone involved. 

To learn more about the REALL simulation or the Criminal Justice program at North Central Missouri College, visit or contact Jenna Vandel at 660-359-3948 x1327. Or the Community Action Partnership of North Central Missouri at