NCMC one of seven universities receiving Nursing Education Incentive Program grant

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The Missouri State Board of Nursing recently announced the award of substantial nursing education program grants to seven Missouri universities and colleges.

The Nursing Education Incentive Program grants were established in 2011 in order to increase the physical and educational capacity of professional nursing programs in Missouri. The funding, through legislative appropriations, comes from the Missouri State Board of Nursing funds.

“The Governor has made it clear that his priorities include workforce, infrastructure, and health care. He has all departments working in synergy on these priorities. We are extremely proud of our Missouri nursing programs for proposing solutions to the nursing shortage and embracing innovation,” said Lori Scheidt, Executive Director of the Missouri State Board of Nursing.

In 2022 an additional 13 grant proposals were received. On March 3, 2022, the Missouri State Board of Nursing approved seven proposals for a total grant award of $988,121.42 this year; bringing total NEIP awards to $8,087,327.16

The following nursing schools earned 2022 NEIP awards:

Avila University – $146,257 

Grant funds will be utilized to purchase simulation/lab equipment and fund the first-year salary of one (1) new full-time nursing instructor. 

Graceland University – $138,168

Grant funds will be utilized to establish a community partnership of the school with a local clinical partner to provide senior-level students with employment opportunities to work as care technicians, enhance staffing patterns, and foster students in their preparation for practice. 

North Central Missouri College – $145,189

Grant funds will be utilized to enhance simulation lab resources with a focus to foster clinical decision-making/judgment and increasing nursing program retention. 

Research College – $147,712.42

Grant funds will be utilized to enhance simulation lab resources with the intent to expand clinical learning experiences in specialty areas which in turn will support the expansion of seats in the nursing program by 25% by academic year 2023/2024. 

University of Central Missouri – $149,070 

Grant funds will support the addition of one (1) faculty position to expand an existing nurse educator program and to provide scholarships for seven (7) nurse educator students to progress through their graduate program and in turn serve as nurse educators at the undergraduate level while in and after school. 

University of Missouri – Kansas City – $150,000

Grant funds will support scholarships for graduate nursing students to become nurse educators. Funding to support ten (10) nurse educator students is projected. Some of the funding will be utilized to enhance educational technology resources for the school. 

Webster University – $111,725 

Grant funds will be utilized to transition the existing graduate-level nurse educator program to a “live virtual” program for nurse educator students. Funding will cover course development and instructional design, and external media and content experts to develop this program. The program is designed to reach more students in rural/underserved areas of the state. 

The Missouri State Board of Nursing is under the Division of Professional Registration that is under the Department of Commerce and Insurance and works in cooperation with the Department of Higher Education & Workforce Development. More information on NEIP grants may be obtained from the Missouri State Board of Nursing’s website.

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