NCMC business students help with Gallatin R-V Economics Day

Gallatin 5th Graders

The North Central Missouri College Human Resource Management class partnered with fifth graders from Gallatin’s Middle School to participate in their School of Economics day. Each fifth-grader was assigned a job where they earned a salary and had different job tasks to complete. NCMC’s Human Resource Management class assisted the fifth graders by helping place each student in a job that best suits their skill set. 

The NCMC class was responsible for creating a job application, creating interview questions, interviewing each student, and then selecting and hiring a fifth-grader for each available job.  “It was different being on the other side of the interview for once. The kids were fantastic, and even though it was an activity for them to learn, I took away just as much, if not more than they did,” said Human Resource Student Seth Speichinger. Shiann Campbell said, “I enjoyed the interaction with the younger students. It showed the interview process from a different perspective, which was really eye-opening.” 

“The opportunity for our students to sit on the other side of the interview table was important,” said Sarah Bird, Business Instructor/Division Chair. “They always participate as the interviewee; this was a new experience that taught what Human Resources is like from the management perspective.”