NCMC Board of Trustees tackles busy agenda at Tuesday meeting

NCMC - North Central Missouri College
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The North Central Missouri College Board of Trustees approved the appointment of a new trustee at its meeting Tuesday evening.

Trustee Doctor John Holcomb moved to appoint Nicole Neal to fill the position left vacant by Steve Busch leaving the board last month. Trustee Diane Lowrey seconded the motion with Neal to be sworn in at next month’s meeting.

The board approved and set the tax levy for 2018 as recommended by the Missouri State Auditor. The new rate is 38.55 cents per $100 of assessed valuation which is an increase of .19 cents from last year.

The total assessed valuation for the college is $93,978,503, which is down $259,481 from last year. The total includes real estate and personal property. The levy is anticipated to generate $362,287.12 at a collection rate of 100%.

The board approved a bid for the Green Hills Head Start building project in Trenton. The bid from JA White Construction for a revised scope of work was $329,750. Pre-revision, the bid was $371,509. Eight bids were submitted for consideration ranging in price from $379,486 to $517,117.

The purchase of seven nursing lab beds was approved from DiaMedical of Bloomfield, Michigan at a price of $11,899.95. They will be purchased using Enhancement funds.

The board also approved the renewal of the college’s internet connection and related support from state service provider Morenet at an annual cost of $59,869.54. The cost includes the new circuit at the North Belt Center and upgraded circuits at the Trenton Campus.

Ronna Owens of Laredo was hired as full-time Library Assistant 1 (I) at $10.28 per hour. Sara Van Dyke of Linneus was hired as Residence Life Coordinator and Assistant Woman’s Softball Coach at $27,250 annually. Owens and Van Dyke began their positions August 20th. Aaron Dowis of Saint Joseph was hired as a part-time clinical/adjunct instructor at $250 per day.

The board approved extra compensation for Athletic Director Steve Richman and Men’s Residence Life Coordinator and Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach Eric Penrod. Richman will receive an annual stipend of $2,500 for compensation for summer duties as the athletic director beginning with this summer. Penrod will receive a one-time stipend of $1,000 for the extra load with the departure of the former Residence Life coordinator and assistant softball coach and the start of the new hire being at the end of August.

The board also voted to change the time of the September meeting and the date of the October meeting due to conflicts. The September board meeting will be held on the regular date of September 25th but at 7 o’clock that night instead of 5:30. The October meeting will be moved to October 30th and will start at 5:30 that evening.

President Doctor Lenny Klaver presented a Strategic Plan update reporting nine items on the plan are already completed, and the college is “ahead of the game” on the plan.

Klaver noted 90 students are enrolled and there are more than 200 credit hours at the North Belt Center of Country Club. Klaver shared a “very precautionary” fall enrollment outlook noting as of Tuesday, the one-year headcount trend was up 5.8%, and the one-year credit hour trend was up 2.45%. Totals were compared to the same day in 2017 with Klaver noting he does not believe the numbers will hold steady. He explained additional dual credit students need to be entered.

Vice President for Academic Affairs Doctor Tristan Londre reported the special early college tuition approved earlier this year has had an effect on the number of students enrolling in the program. He said prior to the special tuition, about six or seven students were enrolling in early college. Thirty-six students enrolled this year. Early college is when high school students take college classes on campus and not dual credit classes at their school.

Associate Vice President for Student Affairs Doctor Kristen Alley reported Student Move-In Day was successful. She said NCMC could not secure housing for all students requesting housing, and the college lost several students that way. There are 21 international students enrolled at NCMC this year.

Alley presented a list of Student Senate presidents. She said she has determined all but about five of the past presidents. She mentioned she would love to name the Student Senate scholarship after the first Student Senate president. Alley said the Student Senate scholarship is awarded to Student Senate officers.

Green Hills Head Start Director Doctor Beverly Hooker reported 166 Head Start students have come through the doors of the buildings or had a home visit, while 27 have not.

Hooker said Head Start received a notice of award authorizing supplemental funds for the cost-of-living adjustment increase for the fiscal year 2018 of $58,162, which increases the total available funding for the fiscal year to $2,213,315.

Hooker noted Head Start has received all money it has sent out applications for to date.

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