NCMC Board of Trustees tackle budget, other issues

North Central Missouri College

North Central Missouri College Trustees last evening adopted a deficit spending budget for the coming fiscal year while hearing college administrators promote efforts to increase student enrollment and retention.

Chief Financial Operations Director Tyson Otto said he’d prefer to present a balanced budget. But he feels the deficit can be absorbed due to what he called good reserves. The budget approval includes staff salaries which amount to a two percent increase for most employees. North Central President Lenny Klaver said the college will further “tightened its belt” while making available the resources to “invest in growth” particularly through the admissions department.

For the colleges’ unrestricted fund, Otto presented figures showing deficit spending of nearly 400 thousand dollars ($397,183) for the year beginning July 1st.

Expenses are over ten million, 77 thousand dollars ($10,073,658). Revenues are projected at more than nine million, 676 thousand dollars. ($9,676,475) The auxiliary funds budget shows an anticipated surplus of 70 thousand dollars. Expenses are over two million, 759 thousand dollars ($2,759,242), Revenues are over two million, 829 thousand dollars. ($2,829,725)

Because of the declining trend for enrollment and credit hours, Otto said he has budgeted a revenue reduction of 476 thousand dollars in student tuition and fees. Over the last four years, he indicated, there’s been a 700 thousand dollar reduction in tuition and fees received. Otto anticipates a 190 thousand dollar increase in the state appropriations to North Central – raising state funding to two point seven million.

Otto said local tax revenue has been steady.

Expenses highlighted by Otto include an additional 82 thousand dollars in salary and retirement costs; recent approval of an increase in health insurance premiums; 220 thousand dollars in “title four” liability which involves federal student aid funds; and 36 thousand dollars to begin a men’s and women’s golf program at the college.

Otto also praised North Central staff for keeping expenses down during the past year.

North Central Trustees approved a recommendation from Executive Director Lisa Hostetler to adopt the fiscal year budget for the Northwest Workforce Development Board. The budget, with carry over funds, tops 435 thousand dollars.

($435,693) It includes salary increases of five percent for the four employees: Lisa Hostetler, Jeannie Griffin, Miranda Brummett, and Brent Stevens.

Among other actions, besides personnel matters, policy was waived allowing NCMC to reimburse expenses for a job applicant who must physically travel to Trenton during the employment recruitment process; a John Deere gator was purchased for the maintenance department for almost 20 thousand dollars ($19,920) from Sydenstricker Farm and Lawn of Chillicothe; a resolution was adopted to renew the lease on the bond agreement with U-M-B bank; and the self-assessment was accepted for Green Hills Head Start program. Reports were given by President Lenny Klaver, Interim Vice President Sharon Weiser; and NCMC Foundation Director Teresa Cross.

All six members of the board of trustees attended the monthly meeting.

Several personnel matters, including internal transfers, were approved during a meeting last evening for Trustees of North Central Missouri College.

Among them, men’s head basketball coach since 2000, Steve Richman of Trenton takes over as women’s head softball coach replacing Megan Cairns who has resigned after her four-year tenure. Richman will continue duties as NCMC athletic director.

Marketing Specialist Kristie Cross transfers to director of admissions, replacing Karla McCollum. Jamie Cunningham of Chillicothe transfers from cashier / admissions rep to admissions recruiter. Data base administrator Ryan Woodward will fill a vacancy as a systems administrator. Laclede resident Noel Staddie was hired as early childhood education instructor at North Central. Employed as part-time nursing clinical instructors were Samantha Brown of Hopkins, Danny Perry of Chillicothe, Amanda Donovan od King City, and Debra Herring of Maryville.

Trustees heard Director of nursing and health science, Brooke McAtee, describe struggles in obtaining nursing instructors—noting three vacancies for the Maryville site.

The board then accepted her recommendation to have the nursing program, on a trial basis as of this August, to begin a four-day work week–allowing instructors flexible time to be with family or other employment. Mrs. McAtee stressed the nursing program will still operate five days a week. Approval was given to a job description change for the career and technical education recruiter and retention specialist to be part of theadmissions team. A revised employee organizational chart also was approved.

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