NCMC Board of Trustees approve tuition and fee increases for 2024-2025

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The North Central Missouri College (NCMC) Board of Trustees was briefed on the testing center on February 27.

Beth Caldarello, Director of Library Services, reported that the library assumed responsibility for the testing center four years ago. The center is a Pearson-certified testing facility, hosting a variety of Pearson examinations. It is open to individuals who are not enrolled as NCMC students, with staff members dedicated to ensuring a comfortable testing environment for all examinees.

The center administers various tests, including the Accuplacer, High School Equivalency Test (HiSET), and fire safety examinations. Caldarello mentioned that passing a test is a moment of excitement for many individuals. While some tests require a fee, NCMC provides materials for use within the testing center.

Dr. Tristan Londre, Vice President of Academic Affairs, described the library as the core of the NCMC main campus. He highlighted a significant 45% increase in enrollment from the previous spring at the Savannah Campus, attributing this growth to the consolidation of all locations to Savannah and noting the campus’s capacity for expansion.

Dr. Kristen Alley, Vice President of Student Affairs, praised the cohesive team at the Savannah Campus and its positive atmosphere. She discussed improvements to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), making it more user-friendly for families. However, inquiries about a specific question related to the value of unharvested crops have been noted, with information available on the NCMC website.

Jennifer Triplett, Chief Information Officer, shared updates from Information Technology Services, including system upgrades to streamline the FAFSA process and the transition to a new antivirus system.

Dr. Lenny Klaver, NCMC President, reported that NCMC ranked second among Missouri community colleges in spring semester headcount, trailing by less than 1%. The college has seen a 9% increase in credit hours for the spring semester. During his attendance at the National Legislative Summit, Klaver discussed federal legislation related to Pell grants for short-term programs and efforts to enhance workforce innovation and student access funding. He also mentioned the positive state of the Missouri Community College Association (MCCA) and addressed concerns about the health and well-being of athletes, noting the lack of community college representation in legislative discussions.

Klaver revealed the purchase of property adjacent to the Savannah Campus for $675,000, with the NCMC Foundation providing the funds for future expansion, although no immediate plans are in place. He also highlighted a partnership with the University of Central Missouri (UCM), noting the philosophical alignment between NCMC and UCM, as well as the role of community colleges in supporting students’ pathways to bachelor’s degrees.

Janet Gott, Director of Green Hills Head Start, reported a successful transition to a four-day week starting February 13, providing parents with flexibility to adjust to changes.

The Board of Trustees approved tuition and fee increases for the 2024-2025 academic year, with Tyson Otto, Vice President of Business and Finance, citing inflationary pressures and the need to remain competitive in salaries and benefits as reasons for the adjustments. The increases are detailed across various categories, including district, state, national, and international students, as well as specific programs such as nursing and radiologic technology.

Additionally, the board approved adjustments to course fees to reflect the costs of materials and software licenses, as well as IT Services’ request to renew and expand email security solutions with Proofpoint. This initiative is part of an effort to meet cybersecurity insurance requirements and adapt to new industry standards for email security.

Physical Plant items were declared surplus and will be disposed of according to NCMC Board policy. Changes to the Green Hills Head Start child selection criteria, salary schedule revisions to accommodate the new Missouri minimum wage and various employment actions were also approved.

The meeting concluded with the board entering an executive session for discussions on personnel, legal actions, and real estate matters.

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