NCMC announces Tracy Welch as Outstanding Employee of the Month

Tracy Welch NCMC Sept 2020 Employee of Month

Tracy Welch, NCMC Mathematics Department Chair and Instructor, from Cameron, MO, has been selected as North Central Missouri College’s Outstanding Employee for September. Tracy has been employed at NCMC for 11 years and holds a Masters in Mathematics from Emporia State University and a Bachelor’s of Science in Mathematics and a minor in Physics from Missouri Western State University.

Tracy has served on the Missouri Math Pathways Advisory for the last six years working with math faculty from across the state to expand general education math pathways beyond just College Algebra. From her work, students can choose between the Statistical Reasoning, Mathematical Modeling, and Reasoning, or the Pre-Calculus Algebra pathways to earn their general education math requirement and successfully transfer that course to any public institution in Missouri.

Tracy said, “My favorite thing about NCMC is the people! Both the people that work for NCMC and the students are wonderful to be around.” Tracy plans to continue to improve the math pathway for students and make it easier for students to find the right math class for their future degree and career. She sees the math department advancing by building on the changes made in the last five years with placement, advising, pathways, and co-requisites so more students value, enjoy, and succeed in their math courses.

Each month, nominations are submitted by faculty/staff members for an outstanding employee they feel is hardworking, dedicated, and has made NCMC overall a great place. To learn more about employment opportunities at North Central Missouri College, visit the NCMC website.