NCMC and UCM formalize new transfer agreements on Monday

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Representatives from the University of Central Missouri (UCM) visited Trenton on Monday to collaborate with North Central Missouri College (NCMC) on signing transfer agreements between the two institutions. The ceremony, which took place on the second floor of the library in Geyer Hall at 1:00 p.m., saw the presidents of both schools, President Klaver of NCMC and President Best of UCM, conducting the public signing.

The agreements focus on a variety of programs, including criminal justice and criminology, physical education, elementary education from birth to 3rd grade, elementary education for grades 1-6, construction management, marketing, educational studies, and training. Additionally, a direct connect dual admissions agreement between NCMC and UCM, which facilitates a smoother transition for students transferring between the two institutions, had already been established prior to this event.

This partnership aims to streamline the transfer process for students, ensuring a seamless continuation of their education in their chosen fields.

Signed agreements include the following degrees:

  • AA in Criminal Justice & Criminology to BS
  • AAT in Physical Education (K-12 Cert) to BS
  • AAT in Elementary Education Birth – 3rd Grade to BSE
  • AAT in Elementary Education Grades 1-6 to BSE
  • AA in Construction Management to BS
  • AA in Marketing to BSBA
  • AA in Educational Studies & Training to BS

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