NCMC, Agriculture Program to offer Collegiate Livestock Judging

NCMC Barton Farm Campus

Starting fall semester 2020, North Central Missouri College will be fielding a competitive collegiate livestock judging team comprised of 5 members and will compete against other community colleges throughout the country to evaluate cattle, hogs, sheep, and goats at 8-10 contests throughout the year. At this time, NCMC is pioneering the way as the only community college in the state of Missouri to offer a livestock judging team at the collegiate level.

“This opportunity is huge for students with a passion for livestock judging in the state of Missouri,” said Jack Green, NCMC Agriculture Instructor and Livestock Judging Coach. “This team will help students utilize critical thinking and decision makings skills, paired with effective communication to learn from leaders within the livestock industry. It is my firm belief that members of this team will earn more than a degree from NCMC, they will receive an education that will provide them with the skills needed for success within their future endeavors.”

The livestock judging team will allow students to further improve their livestock evaluation skills through quality instruction, collegiate competition, teamwork, leadership, and responsibility. This opportunity will also enable students to take their judging skills to county fairs to assist with local livestock shows.

“Our small, rural, communities sometimes struggle to find qualified livestock judges for competitions,” said Katie Blanchard, NCMC Agriculture student. “This is a great way to help provide judges to our area communities, allowing them to continue to provide livestock competitions for youth and adults in their hometowns. Our local groups, like 4-H and FFA, will really be able to benefit from our students that will have collegiate livestock judging experience.”

NCMC is currently recruiting students for this opportunity. If interested in joining the livestock team, or for more information, contact Jack Green at 660-359-3948 x1314.