National Weather Service designates Livingston County “Storm Ready”

Storm Ready

Presiding Commissioner Ed Douglas and Emergency Management Director Darrell Wright, both of Livingston county, say the county has received “Storm Ready” renewal through July of 2019.

It’s a certification from the National Weather Service at Pleasant Hill involving several factors. Douglas and Wright said those factors include extensive information reception equipment, text casters, NOAA weather radios, law enforcement teletype pagers, Facebook/Twitter, as well as local weather and water monitoring equipment.

The county’s preparation also Includes shelters, local warning dissemination, community forums and preparation, administrative tools, and record keeping.

Livingston County Presiding Commissioner Douglas said he’s very appreciative of the work Darrell Wright and his staff, and others, have done to get the community prepared for storms. It’s hoped severe weather never happens, but if and when it does, the community is doing everything it can to be prepared.