MU professor offers look at what Winter might bring

Winter Weather

A University of Missouri professor of atmospheric science has given his projections on winter weather for the state of Missouri.

Tony Lupo says to expect slightly colder weather this winter, and an average accumulation of snow.

He noted winter weather conditions are dependent on air patterns in the west.

Lupo says the colder air will cause the state’s average temperature to drop from 32 down to 30 degrees and he thinks Missourians will perceive the upcoming winter to be especially cold because it was unusually warm last year.

Lupo says you won’t notice the temperature change at first because the winter will be disguised by a historically warm fall.

This fall will go down as the third warmest on record because of a jet stream pattern which has left North America and Europe with higher temperatures.

Average snowfall means there’ll be 15-to-20 inches but notes that range represents the central part of Missouri, not the whole state.