MoDOT to schedule multiple projects in Grundy and Mercer Counties

MoDOT Road Work
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Within the next few years, the Missouri Department of Transportation has scheduled three construction projects in Grundy County.

The proposals are included in the latest, five-year Statewide Transportation Improvement Plan. Projects are also proposed in Mercer County as well as western Sullivan County.

The draft of the STIP is open for public comments through Frida,y July 6th; with the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission scheduled to adopt the plan at its July 11th meeting.

One project involves State Highway 6 through Trenton. Pavement resurfacing and ADA (Americans Disability Act) transition plan improvements are listed. The proposal involves Highway 6 from the west city limits of Trenton, east, to Highway 65 junction which is a distance of one point seven miles. That project is slated for a contract award by the fall of 2019. City of Trenton officials had hoped it would get done sooner, but the project has been delayed due to state funding shortfalls.

Also planned by MoDOT is pavement resurfacing on Grundy County Route Z which runs east and southeast of Trenton. The proposal is to resurface Route Z between Highway 6 and the U-S 65 junction, north of Farmersville which is a distance of six and

one quarter miles. This project is slated to have a contract awarded by winter 2019.

A third project is described as rehabilitation of the Highway 65 bridge over Highway 6 at Trenton. That project is on the list for year 20-21. Thirty five miles of Highways 69 and 6 in Daviess and Grundy Counties over the next two years are to have pavement preservation treatment and shoulder repairs between I-35 and Trenton.

Mercer County has five projects on the MoDOT long-range plan.

The first of which is to be awarded this fall. It’s a pavement preservation treatment for 31 miles on Route E, from south of Princeton to the Highway 6 junction near Milan.

Two projects on U-S Highway 136 are to be awarded in year 20-21 by MoDOT which involve pavement resurfacing and adding shoulders in two portion of 136, one from the Harrison County line to Highway 65 in Princeton and the other portion is from Princeton to Route C which is a distance of about 19-1/2 miles.

Also to be awarded in 20-21 is a bridge rehabilitation project over a branch of the Weldon Fork Creek on Route Double B three and a half miles west of Highway 65 at Mercer. Replacement of a bridge is to be awarded by the year 2022. This one is on Route M over Little Muddy Creek, two and a half miles east of U-S 65 near Mercer.

The MoDOT list shows two projects to be awarded this fall at Newtown. One is a bridge replacement and to add guardrail over Newtown Branch, a half mile south of

Route Double-E near Newtown. The other is described as ADA Transition Plan improvements within the city limits of Newtown using statewide transportation alternative funds.

To be awarded by the Summer of next year is a bridge replacement on Route Double P over East Medicine Creek Drainage Ditch, a quarter mile east of Highway 139 near Osgood.

Three more bridge projects in western Sullivan county are to be awarded by the winter of 2019. One is bridge replacement and to add guardrail over West Locust Creek, on Highway 6, more than a mile west of Route Z near Humphreys.

Another is bridge rehabilitation and to add guardrail over Medicine Creek, on Route Double E, a half mile east of Highway 139 at Newtown. The third is on Route Double Z, rehabilitation of the bridge over West Fork Locust Creek near Harris.

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