MoDOT presents information to Jamesport City Council on intersection safety

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The Jamesport City Council approved Monday evening the purchase of fireworks for an entertainment and firework show.

The council approved purchasing $500 worth of fireworks from Bill and Susie Bear to be used at the event July 5th.  The council approved an ordinance authorizing the Daviess County Associate Circuit Court to hear municipal ordinance violations for Jamesport, providing for a municipal clerk and for costs. City council member Freda Garner abstained from voting.

The council heard from Austin Hibler from the Missouri Department of Transportation regarding the intersection at Highway 6 and Route F and NN. Hibler reported the intersection was below the state average in accidents, and the average speed of traffic stayed within the posted limit. He advised placing four solar-powered lights at a cost of $1,500 each with the state to install the fixtures. Hibler also advised that he would freshen the paint at the intersection, and the council should look into the possibility of shaving the bank so traffic from the east would be more visible to the traffic on NN and F.

Allen Dirks from Gingerich Dutch Pantry discussed the restaurant’s need to expand in size asking the council about the city building south of the city hall. Dirks said the restaurant would be interested in purchasing the property if it became available.