MoDOT plans signal and striping work

MoDOT Road Striping

Economic development brings needed revenue and jobs to Northwest Missouri, but it can also bring traffic issues and delays. Concerned citizens called the Missouri Department of Transportation about the traffic on U.S. Route 136 between Interstate 35 and U.S. Route 69. MoDOT engineers conducted a study and are implementing changes to help ensure a safer, smoother flow of traffic.

The first change motorists will see is the restriping of the eastbound lanes of U.S. Route 136 at the 38th Street and 39th Street intersections, just west of I-35. MoDOT striping crews will restripe the eastbound lanes at both intersections beginning the next week. Weather permitting, striping could begin Tuesday, April 24.

After the striping work is completed, MoDOT signal crews will begin changing out the left-turn signals at these two intersections to flashing yellow arrow signals. They will also install flashing yellow left-turn signals in three of the four directions of the U.S. Route 136 and U.S. Route 69 interchange.

During the signal work, it will be necessary to turn off the power at each intersection for brief periods of time. Drivers are reminded that whenever a signal is dark or in flash mode, the intersection should be treated as a four-way stop. Even after the signals are operational, workers will be present at these intersections performing maintenance work. Motorists should use extra caution and may encounter delays throughout the night.

Flashing yellow arrows are new to Bethany, but are in use in other areas of Northwest Missouri and across the country. They have proven to increase safety and reduce crashes. By changing to a flashing yellow arrow, two directions aren’t shown a green signal at the same time.

They work in a similar way to the old ‘yield on green’ signals. Red means stop, as it always has. A solid yellow arrow indicates the light is about to turn solid red. A flashing yellow arrow means drivers may turn but must yield to pedestrians and oncoming traffic. A green arrow lets you know when you are clear to turn left and oncoming traffic has a red light.

A video that demonstrates a flashing yellow arrow signalized intersection in action can be found by clicking HERE.