MoDOT begins bridge painting in North Missouri


Mysterious tarps and sheets have begun appearing at some bridges in Putnam County prompting some passersby to wonder what was going on.

Is someone setting up permanent residence under the bridge and wants a bit more privacy? It turns out that the answer is pretty simple and fairly mundane.

Contractors working with the Missouri Department of Transportation are tarping the bridges for an upcoming bridge painting project. These bridges have received a new bridge deck or been rebuilt recently and painting them protects them from the elements and extends the life of the bridge.

Contractors plan to begin today, March 31, 2016, weather permitting, cleaning and painting three bridges in Putnam County.

One bridge is on U.S. Route 136 over Shoal Creek, one on Route 129 over Shoal Creek and one on Route E over the Branch of Medicine Creek. They anticipate that it will take about one week to complete set up, cleaning and painting of all three bridges. After the work in Putnam County, the crew will move to bridges in Atchison, Daviess, Harrison, Holt and Nodaway counties.

Some of the bridges will take longer as they receive more extensive paint work, while others will move quickly as they just need some maintenance of the steel around the bridge joints and girders where the weather had begun to flake off the paint, exposing the steel. All work and schedules are weather permitting.