Missouri’s unclaimed property a great place to look for holiday cash

ShowMeMoney.com website

Missourians looking for extra cash this holiday season may be in luck if they have Unclaimed Property waiting to be claimed on ShowMeMoney.com.

Missouri State Treasurer Eric Schmitt safeguards more than $900 million in unclaimed funds that have been turned over to the State Treasurer’s Office from abandoned bank accounts, unclaimed insurance proceeds, uncollected utility deposits and a variety of other sources.

Schmitt has already returned over $41 million of Unclaimed Property since taking office in January of this year.

“A lot of times those in government are focused on taking money away, but we are doing the exact opposite by returning millions of dollars of Unclaimed Property back to its rightful owners,” Schmitt said. “The holiday season is the perfect time to check if you or someone you know has extra cash waiting to claimed on ShowMeMoney.com.”

A few noteworthy names on the Unclaimed Property list this holiday season include Abigail Rudolph of Blue Springs, Maria Santa of Maryland Heights, Barbara Holiday of Springfield, Henry Winters of Cape Girardeau, Chester Christmas of Savannah and Andrew Grinch of Columbia.

Individuals, families, small businesses and others can check to see if they have Unclaimed Property by visiting ShowMeMoney.com. They can also sign up for email notifications when new assets come in matching their information and send notifications to family and friends to let them know about money being held in their name.