Missouri Supreme Court to hear appeal from Hickory Neighbors United on Grundy County CAFO

Missouri Supreme Court

Among cases scheduled for the September 25, 2019 session involving the Missouri Supreme Court is one regarding an operating permit for Trenton Farms RE. (SC97695, Trenton Farms RE LLC, Permit No. MOGS10520)

Oral arguments begin at 9 o’clock on the morning of Wednesday, September 25th at the Missouri Supreme Court in Jefferson City. The case involves the confined animal feeding operation (CAFO) proposed near Hickory in Grundy County.

The Supreme Court is to consider an appeal from a local organization, Hickory Neighbors United, involving challenges to the permit approval for the Grundy county CAFO and to the composition of the commission that granted approval. Defendants are the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Missouri Clean Water Commission, and Trenton Farms RE.

Earlier this year, the Western District Missouri Court of Appeals had ruled against Hickory Neighbors United regarding their request for a judicial review of a 2017 decision by the Missouri Clean Water Administrative Hearing Commission which had approved the permit application filed by Trenton Farms RE.