Missouri State Highway Patrol Law Enforcement Academy to graduate 31 new troopers

Missouri State Highway Patrol Website New 2021 (MSHP)

Highway Patrol Superintendent Colonel Eric Olson announces that 31 troopers will graduate from the Patrol’s Law Enforcement Academy.

The ceremony will be by invitation only due to COVID-19 guidelines and can be watched live on the patrol’s Facebook page on the morning of January 20th at 10 o’clock.

Members of the 110th Recruit Class with first assignments in the area include Nicholas Keller of Philadelphia, Missouri and Cody Snyder of Kirksville in Putnam and Sullivan counties, Benjamin Gregory of Jonesburg in Harrison and Gentry counties, John Blinkinsop of Joplin in Ray and Carroll counties, and Cole Justice of Smithville in Worth and Nodaway counties.

Four class awards will be presented. The recruits accumulate points toward graduation in the categories of physical fitness, firearms, and academics throughout their 25 weeks at the Academy. The person with the highest number of points in each category earns the respective award. Award categories include physical fitness, firearms, academics, and the Superintendent’s Award, which is presented to the person with the most points overall.

The new troopers will report to duty in their assigned station on February 16th.

The names, hometowns, and first assignments of members of the 110th Recruit Class are listed below:

Troop A

John P. Blinkinsop (Joplin, MO), Zone 5, Ray/Carroll Counties
Derek M. Bradshaw (St. James, MO), Zone 11, Cass County
David T. Craig (Nixa, MO), Zone 7, Jackson County
Michael A. Ebeling (Iberia, MO), Zone 12, Johnson County
Samuel L. Edwards (Springfield, MO), Zone 12, Johnson County
Hazen J. Groves (Jefferson City, MO), Zone 15, Henry County
Matthew J. Hickman (Wheaton, MO), Zone 15, Henry County
Jackson D. Hood (Springfield, MO), Zone 12, Johnson County
Tristen D. Jackson (Sedalia, MO), Zone 10, Saline County

Troop B

Cole T. Hinshaw (Shelbyville, MO), Zone 6, Clark/Scotland Counties
Nicholas C. Keller (Philadelphia, MO), Zone 4, Putnam/Sullivan Counties
Cody J. Snyder (Kirksville, MO), Zone 4, Putnam/Sullivan Counties

Troop C

Kyle G. Barba (Lakewood, CA), Zone 1, North St. Louis County
Zachariah P. Beckerman (Jackson, MO), Zone 12, Jefferson County
Thomas W. Brewer (Belle, MO), Zone 13, Jefferson County
Delandis O. Gillespie (Charleston, MO), Zone 2, North St. Louis County
Bradley T. Gregory (Jonesburg, MO), Zone 1, North St. Louis County
Cameron L. Kurtzman (Chesterfield, MO), Zone 12, Jefferson County
Eric J. McBride (St. Clair, MO), Zone 9, St. Charles County
Rudo K. Stone Jr. (Chicago, IL), Zone 2, North St. Louis County

Troop D

Zachary T. Costley (Lamar, MO), Zone 15, Stone/Taney Counties

Troop E

John M. Tomaszewski (Sikeston, MO), Zone 10, Dunklin County

Troop F

Andrew M. Gordon (Montgomery City, MO), Zone 4, Audrain County

Troop G

Landon C. Pruiett (Braggadocio, MO), Zone 6, South Howell/Oregon Counties
Zachary L. Ricker (Van Buren, MO), Zone 8, Carter/Reynolds Counties
William A. Wadlington (Oran, MO), Zone 5, Douglas/Ozark Counties

Troop H

Samuel S. Base (Coffeyville, KS), Zone 1, Atchison/Holt Counties
Benjamin L. Gregory (Jonesburg, MO), Zone 3, Harrison/Gentry Counties
Cole P. Justice (Smithville, MO), Zone 2, Nodaway/Worth Counties

Troop I

Keaton P. Hunt (Rolla, MO), Zone 1, Phelps/Maries Counties
Alex C. Philipps (Jackson, MO), Zone 4, Pulaski/Maries Counties