Missouri recognized as nationwide leader in election security

Elections (Vote or Voting)

Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft was pleased with the results of a review of House Bill 1878 by the America First Policy Institute’s Center for Election Integrity. Last week the AFPI recognized Missouri as a nationwide leader in election integrity.

Ashcroft believes this recognition is appropriate in light of the Missouri legislature’s efforts to pass a bill that improves access, security, and credibility in Missouri elections and serves as a model for other states. 

A statement from the AFPI read, “States have adopted into law a variety of election integrity measures that now better protect every single legally cast vote and every legal voter.” 

During the 2022 legislative session, HB 1878 was passed and then signed into law by Missouri’s governor.  The bill will take effect on August 28.  The overall purpose of this “election integrity” bill is to strengthen Missouri elections by putting into place security measures that protect against possible cyber threats and continue to build confidence in the election process. A component in the bill – Photo ID – will take effect on August 28, adding additional security measures but will not prevent a legally registered voter from voting if they do not have proper identification; they can still cast a provisional ballot.

“Missouri has always been a leader in innovation in areas from agriculture to bioscience to advanced manufacturing. The state is, again, setting the pace – this time in the area of election security and confidence,” said Ashcroft. “It is always good to know outsiders are reviewing Missouri laws and sharing how other states can follow Missouri’s example to improve election integrity.”

Ashcroft added, “Our office worked with the General Assembly this past session to make it easy to vote and hard to cheat so that voters can continue to have trust in our elections.  It is good to see Missouri a national leader on such an important issue.”