Missouri Quilt Museum of Hamilton to host permanent display from National Quilt Museum

National Quilt Museum

The Missouri Quilt Museum of Hamilton and The National Quilt Museum of Paducah, Kentucky have finalized an agreement to bring a collection of modern quilts to visitors to Hamilton all the time.

When the Missouri Quilt Museum opens this fall, it will create a permanent location for quilts from The Collection of The National Quilt Museum. Quilts in the exhibit will be changed three to four times each year.

The Missouri Quilt Museum will open in the original Hamilton High School at 300 East Bird. The building will undergo renovations but is to maintain the original character of the school. It is to include hands-on exhibits, quilt galleries, antique machines, more than 500 vintage toy sewing machines, the world’s largest thimble collection, and a 22-foot tall world’s largest spool of thread.

The National Quilt Museum has one of the most well-known and respected collections of modern quilts in the world. The Collection is made up of more than 600 quilts representing the best of the best in quilting since 1980.

National Quilt Museum Chief Executive Officer Frank Bennett said The National Quilt Museum loves to work with organizations that share a “passion for quilting.” He looks forward to having an exhibit at the Missouri Quilt Museum and believes it will be “an exciting venue for quilt and art enthusiasts.”