Missouri National Guard in Trenton completes training in California

Missouri National Guard

FORT IRWIN, Ca. – Soldiers assigned to the 548th Transportation Company, 311th Brigade Support Battalion, Missouri National Guard, headquartered in Trenton, recently spent two weeks at the National Training Center in Fort Irwin, California to prepare for an upcoming deployment.

The is a tactical training center located in the Mojave Desert in southeastern California. Military elements are able to practice standard operating procedures while being evaluated by observer controllers.

Development and unit cohesion were central themes during the company’s time at the NTC.  Perhaps the greatest success of the operation was the integration of the Soldiers who were new to the organization or may not have interacted with one another in a deployed environment.

“We were able to run many missions and integrate the Soldiers from different elements who had joined our unit for the upcoming deployment,” said Sgt. Rebecca M. Peterson, a heavy motor transport operator assigned to the 548th. “The enhanced unit cohesion we were able to obtain at the National Training Center will certainly assist us over the coming months.”

While at the NTC the 548th and four other reserve component elements were under the command of the 687th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion. Two elements of the active component, the 40th Civil Support Command, and the 4-23rd Medical Company, also conducted training with the Soldiers of the 548th.

All of the units involved in the training benefited from the 548th’s missions. The 548th received valuable training while other elements received much-needed supplies, said Peterson.

“Our efforts and success greatly enhanced the training of supported elements during the operation,” said Peterson. “Our Soldiers received quality training as well through the delivery of all classes of material support.”

The 548th successfully conducted over 40 convoy operation missions throughout the duration of its stay at the NTC.  Over 4,000 troops at various brigade support areas benefited from the company’s successful convoys of supplies and goods.

Soldiers conducted convoys at various times of the day and in various conditions that forced the unit to practice night-time driving techniques. Simulated improvised explosive devices and small-arms fire often halted convoys and required the unit to react to contact appropriately.

The 548th was the first of its kind to change the logistical standards set by the National Training Center and was recognized by the 687th CSSB for its excellent performance at the end of their training at the NTC.