Missouri libraries receive over $320,000 in technology mini-grants

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Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft has announced the awarding of over $320,000 in additional funding to Missouri libraries. This funding is allocated through technology mini-grants that have been distributed to 28 libraries across the state. Since the beginning of the year, the Missouri State Library has awarded 146 grants, with the total funding exceeding two million dollars.

The grants are designed to assist public libraries in acquiring technology and automation-related equipment and software. This will improve network infrastructure and expand library services to meet the evolving needs of patrons.

Ashcroft emphasized the importance of libraries as essential resource centers for communities. He stated that the grants would enable libraries to enhance their technological capabilities and better serve their patrons.

The application process for the grants is competitive, with awards given based on the libraries’ needs and their ability to successfully implement the proposed projects.

State Librarian Robin Westphal expressed excitement over the grants, noting their role in allowing libraries to update their technology and embark on new innovative projects. She highlighted that these grants have been a significant support system for the Missouri State Library for many years.

The following is the list of the 2023 mini-grant recipients:

  • Barry-Lawrence Regional Library: Firewalls and Switches Replacement Winter 2023-2024 — $14,018
  • Barton County Library: 2023 Barton County Library Equipment Upgrade — $15,703
  • Bloomfield Public Library: Update — $3,167
  • Camden County Library District: Hardware Update and Makerspace Expansion — $9,797
  • Carter County Library: Stepping up the Services For the Carter County Patrons — $17,433
  • Cedar County Library: Cedar County Computer Skills — $12,650
  • Dunklin County Library: Server upgrade 2023 Dunklin County — $10,190
  • Ferguson Municipal Public Library: Ferguson 2023 Patron Tech Update — $21,316
  • Hamilton Public Library: Hamilton updates technology — $5,369
  • Henry County Library: Public Computer Technology Upgrade — $5,000
  • Jefferson County Library: Preserving Historical Records in the Pursuit of the Past — $4,613
  • Joplin Public Library: EOL Shouldn’t Stand for End of Library — $7,514
  • Kirkwood Public Library: Technology Expansion — $19,858
  • Little Dixie Regional Libraries: Reinvigorating LDRL’s Technology — $22,000
  • McDonald County Library: Patron Machines — $13,426
  • Mid-Continent Public Library: Chromebook To Go Kits Expansion — $22,000
  • Missouri River Regional Library: Business Computer Center Machine Replacement and Update — $21,280
  • Montgomery City Public Library: Expanding the Wonder at MCPL — $6,683
  • Neosho-Newton County Library: PC Refresh in Newton County — $10,859
  • Polk County Library: Patron Access Printer – Bolivar — $4,058
  • Price James Library: Office computer replacements — $2,966
  • Putnam County Public Library: Equipment Replacement and Update Software — $5,817
  • Richmond Heights Memorial Library: Public Tech Access Expansion — $12,516
  • St. Louis County Library: Replacement Hardware for Youth Programming & Material Returns — $20,307
  • University City Public Library: Studio, Makerspace, & WiFi Kits — $7,473
  • Valley Park Community Library: Technology Upgrade 2023 — $2,954
  • Webster Groves Public Library: WGPL Computer Refresh — $9,481
  • West Plains Public Library: Mobile Technology Lab — $12,492

The total amount awarded in this round of grants is $320,940.