Missouri Highway Patrol testing for new troopers

Missouri Highway Patrol

The Missouri State Highway Patrol is testing for new troopers at nine different locations.

Testing includes a written exam, a physical fitness test for duty assessment, a polygraph exam, a background investigation, and an oral interview.

After a conditional offer of employment, applicants must successfully complete a medical exam, a psychological exam and interview, a drug screening, and a final applicant review.

Applicants who successfully complete testing will be eligible to continue in the 106th Recruit Class selection process with training to begin January 8th, 2018.

At the time recruit training begins, eligible candidates must have a minimum of 30 college credits, two years of federal active duty military service with honorable discharge, or two years of full-time Peace Officer Standards and Training certified experience as a law enforcement officer with arrest authority.

A trooper’s starting salary is around $3,400 per month while in training, about $3,500 per month after six months, and about $3,700 per month after two years of service.

Benefits include group health insurance, retirement, and career advancement and the deadline to apply is April 10th.

Those interested can contact a patrol recruiter at 1-800-796-7000.