Missouri Department of Corrections ordered to pay $1 million to former CO at Chillicothe Correctional Center

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The Missouri Department of Corrections has been mandated to compensate a former corrections officer with $1 million for retaliation after the officer reported racial discrimination. The announcement was made by officials from Dashtaki Law Firm, LLC, which represented the officer in a civil lawsuit against the state agency.

The lawsuit claimed that the Missouri Department of Corrections breached the Missouri Human Rights Act by racially discriminating against and retaliating towards the officer from Chillicothe Correctional Center after he highlighted instances of racial discrimination within the facility.

Nimrod Chapel, commenting on the case, emphasized the ongoing issue of overt racial discrimination in workplaces. He stressed that individuals should not suffer discrimination or retaliation for opposing such injustices.

Historical court records before this judgment, dated August 16, 2023, already had established the Department of Corrections’ liability in similar instances of racial discrimination and retaliation.

Details from the court revealed that the 11-year veteran corrections officer was terminated following his complaints to the human resources department about racial discrimination. The court criticized the department’s blatant disregard for the officer’s rights, citing its failure to investigate the complaints, permitting retaliation, and neglecting the serious concerns of racial discrimination.

Cyrus Dashtaki remarked on the financial and moral implications of discrimination, highlighting the court’s decision as a definitive stance against such practices in Missouri, serving as a warning to all employers within the state against tolerating discriminatory behaviors.

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