Missouri Conservation Commission approves land purchase in Sullivan County

Missouri Department of Conservation

During a meeting of the Missouri Conservation Commission, approval was given for the state to purchase approximately 266 acres in Sullivan County as an addition to the Locust Creek Conservation Area.

This is an area encompassing over 3,400 acres southwest of Milan. The Department of Conservation reports approximately one third is bottomland and upland forest and woodland. The remainder is comprised of cropland, grassland, wetland, and old field types habitat. There are five fishing ponds.

These areas provide diverse habitat for fish and wildlife species, protect soil and water quality, and offer recreational and education opportunities. Locust Creek Conservation Area was acquired in part through the Pittman Robertson Wildlife Restoration Act administered by the U-S Fish and Wildlife Service.

The Missouri Conservation Commission approved two sales of properties in Ray County. One involves the sale of the 21.4 acres James Bridge Access and the other sale was 23.8 acre Morton Bridge Access. Bids also were approved for the construction of tower replacements statewide at conservation sites in various counties.