Missouri Clean Water Commission to hold public hearing regarding design of CAFO

Overhead view of CAFO

The Missouri Clean Water Commission’s virtual public hearing will be held on Thursday, March 18, 2021, regarding a rulemaking for 10 CSR 20-8.300, the design of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, otherwise known as a CAFO.

Those wishing to testify at the hearing should notify the department in writing at least seven days prior to the hearing, in accordance with Section 644.036.2 RSMo. Notification should be sent to Krista Welschmeyer at [email protected] or via mail at Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Water Protection Program, P.O. Box 176, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0176. The Hearing Officer may allow additional speakers at the hearing if time permits.

Information regarding the virtual public hearing and public comment period for 10 CSR 20-8.300 Design of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations can be found on the Department’s Rules in Development webpage and the Regulatory Action Tracking System, or RATS.

This will an opportunity for the public to provide feedback on the service received from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.  Consider taking a few minutes to complete the department’s Customer Satisfaction Survey.