Missouri Attorney General secures $229,000 judgment in child support case

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Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt has announced that his office obtained a $229,630 default judgment in a child support case handled by the Office’s Financial Services section.
A default judgment in the case, Family Support Div. v. Middleton Advisory Group, was entered by Cole County Circuit Court Judge Dan Green on Monday afternoon. The Attorney General’s Office filed suit on behalf of the Department of Social Services.
In this case, the suit was filed against Middleton Advisory Group, LLC, an Arizona business, for failing to comply with Family Support Division’s Order to Withhold Income under § 454.505, RSMo. The previously mentioned statute gives FSD authority to garnish a child support obligor’s wages. The employer is strictly liable for failing to withhold under case law that the Attorney General’s Office worked to establish.
The lawsuit was filed in October of 2020 and handled by Assistant Attorney General Pierce Shimp.